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Still lots to learn about Mexican food. But doing the research is not too bad.

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  • A Great Step Forward

    Amazing and beautiful news today about the return of marriage equality to the state of California.  All couples deserve equal treatment and respect under the law ... along with the joyous and sometimes ... not so joyous moments that marriage can bring.  Plus, more weddings equal more cake and who doesn't like a good wedding cake?  I ...
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  • Catering for People who Hate Banquet Food

    Much of the character of the Los Arboles hotel emanates from the hand prepared, traditional Mexican food served in El Mirasol. Dried chiles are converted into sauces and Pasilla chiles worked by skilled hands become chiles rellenos. Pretty much the antithesis of mass prepared banquet food held in warmers and rolled down hallways to hotel ballrooms. ...
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  • Real Flavors Take Real Work

    Preparing a traditional red sauce for Tamales is a labor intensive process that starts with removing the stems and seeds (that you don't need) from dried Guajillo Chiles. Eventually all this prep work ends with a thick red chile paste  that is the foundation for the red Tamale sauce. There are other ways to make this sauce that are less labori ...
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  • Flan 101

    We love flan. But cooking flan is kind of a tight wire balancing act. Get the heat just right and the end result is a creamy, rich dessert that can be finished off with a variety of flavors like coffee, Amaretto and berries. Cook it just a few minutes too long or too hot, and the texture takes on a slightly lumpy mouth feel and what should be a smo ...
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  • El Mirasol @ Short Fest

    El Mirasol was happy to support our friends at the Palm Springs International Film Festival for the recent "Short Fest" held at the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs. Our team fed the hungry (and thirsty ... but Stella Artois took care of that) film makers at the Film Maker Lounge at the Renaissance Hotel on Saturday evening. Scott, Danny and Andrew ...
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